We offer this service to all Student Accommodation, were a student could be locked out of there accommodation or a fire alarm has been activated. On receiving the call at the call centre, Base Security Ltd will request the following information:

a)    The name of the student
b)    The premises the student is a resident of
c)    The block and room number of the student
d)    The students contact number, i.e mobile telephone number
e)    Students location, i.e where MT Security Services can meet the student.
f)    The reason for the call out.
g)    Once Base Security Ltd has confirmed the students details against the tenancy list, we wil arrange to dispatch a Mobile Patrol Officer from our company who will attend the site within one hour and arrange access for the student to their room.

The student will have to sign a call out sheet confirming the date and time of the call out. The student will then have to sign the call out sheet to confirm that they are aware that there is a charge for this service and that they agree to pay the cost.

1.    The fire monitoring company will contact Base Security Ltd control centre. The control centre will log the following:

a)    The name of the premises
b)    The block and zone where the alarm has been activated
c)    The date and time of the activation
d)    Details of how the alarm was raised.

2.    The control centre will immediately call the Student Warden to ascertain if there is an actual fire.
3.    If there is no fire then the control centre will dispatch a mobile patrol officer from our company to reset the alarm.
4.    If there is a fire or the student warden cannot be contacted, then the control will call out the fire brigade and arrange for one of our mobile patrol officers to attend the site.
5.    The mobile patrol officer will liaise with the fire service and the student warden to ensure that the property has been evacuated and reset the alarm.
6.    If it is necessary to call out the fire service, then the control centre will also contact the Hospitality Manager to advise him/her.