All our staff are trained and armed with Redweb Offender I.D. Offender ID™ is a police accredited tagging system designed for use by security professionals. Using RedWeb’s advanced Molecular Taggent Technology, the portable spray device ensures that criminals can be identified even if they flee the crime scene


It enables security personnel to keep a form of RedWeb’s Molecular Tagging Technology close to hand and ready to use.
Self defence – security professionals such as door supervisors can use the OffenderID to distract an attacker.
Deter theft – cash in transit operatives can deploy the spray to put off would-be thieves.
Detect criminals by using the unique Molecular Taggent Technology code to tie the criminal to the crime. Thieves, attackers and intruders can all be identified even if they escape the crime scene.
RedWeb’s Molecular Taggent Technology, can be used as evidence to help secure a conviction.
OffenderID spray can be an effective piece of kit for Police Community Support Officers. By enabling them to tag offenders, it allows them to identify the criminal and provide evidence linking them to the crime scene without stepping outside of the boundaries of their role.
Door supervisors, security officers, store detectives, cash in transit operatives, event stewards, close protection officers, or community wardens can all benefit from the added security of carrying OffenderID.

OffenderID offers a portable form of RedWeb’s Molecular Taggent Technology The small canister can be attached to clothing ready for use.

If an offender is caught committing a crime and the security officer is unable to apprehend them, the officer can spray the offender with offender ID. This marks them with a Forensic Taggent dye, making it easier for pursuing officers to identify the criminal as well as providing evidence to link them irrefutably to the crime scene. The offender ID spray can also be deployed for self defence, as spraying the criminal can both distract and deter them